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Modular, Scaleable/Redundant Products

Click on the links below for product information and specifications.   The products listed here are our most popular systems.  There are others are available.  If you don't see what you're looking for, or aren't sure which product is right for you, please ask.  We will be glad to help  ........


The Modular Topology

This topology is probably the most exciting development in the UPS industry.  These systems offer the best features of the on-line technologies, combined with a radically new architecture.  Each inverter module operates in parallel with the others allowing the user to "grow" the system as power needs increase.  Extra inverter modules may also be added as necessary to provide a level of redundancy that allows one or more modules to fail without jeopardizing the whole system.   Footprints are small, and pricing is very competitive ......

APC Symmetra Modular   (4-16 KVA)

Powerware 9170+  Modular   (3KVA - 18KVA) 


This page is frequently updated with new products as they are developed.  If you don't see what you are looking for, or have a question about these or any other products,  feel free to e-mail us, give us a call, or use the information request form below.  Please check back often for improvements and additions to the information listed here ........


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