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Three Phase Products

Click on the links below for product information and specifications.   The products listed here are our most popular systems.  If you don't see what you're looking for, or aren't sure which product is right for you, please ask.  We will be glad to help  ........


Three Phase Topologies

Most three phase systems are of the "on line" type, using the same technologies found in single phase systems.  However, Ferroresonant three phase systems are becoming somewhat rare due to cost and weight.  Many three phase systems can be paralleled to provide growth capability and redundancy for critical systems.  Two things set three phase systems apart from the single phase systems.  First, and foremost, is their ability to spread the load they place on a building's power source evenly.  Typically, if a building has a three phase power source, and the required UPS is larger than 15 - 20 KVA,  a three phase system is desirable to avoid overloading any one phase of the source.  Secondly, three phase systems produce three phase output power, which may be required in some applications.  Some disk drive systems or other loads with three phase motors require three phase power.  Three phase systems are usually more expensive than single phase systems, but this cost differential decreases as the size of the UPS increases.  The cost per KVA in three phase systems approaches that of the single phase systems in sizes above 30 KVA, and actually becomes much lower in the larger sizes......

APC Silcon Series

Chloride CP 3000

Chloride EDP 70 Plus Series  

Chloride EDP 70L  Series  

Chloride EDP 90 Series


This page is frequently updated with new products as they are developed.  If you don't see what you are looking for, or have a question about these or any other products,  feel free to e-mail us, give us a call, or use the information request form below.  Please check back often for improvements and additions to the information listed here ........

NOTE: Many other three-phase systems are available, but since it has always been our philosophy to service what we sell, you won't find them listed here.  Some manufacturers withhold technical support and product training in an attempt to monopolize the service end of the business.  Such monopolies result in poor service and higher costs to you, and make it difficult for companies like Critical Power Services to provide the level of support this business demands.  You may have heard that Automotive manufacturers are attempting to use the same tactics to deny independent service companies the right to service their products.  Proprietary Software, proprietary tools, and proprietary documentation are all being used to force independent service providers out of business.   We strongly suggest that consumers take a stand against these tactics at every opportunity by purchasing from companies that have an open-source service policy.  You have a right to choose a service provider, and we will continue to do everything in our power to protect that right.


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