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Our Products

Critical Power Services, Inc. specializes in finding the right product for each and every application.  We draw upon years of experience with all types of UPS systems and power problems to find solutions that are simple, reliable  and cost effective.   Below is a sampling of the many products we offer, from some of the best manufacturers in the business.  If you don't see what you are looking for, please ask.  Our product line is constantly changing to meet the needs of our customers.  If you have a need, we have a solution ....   


Single Phase Standby and Line Interactive Products
When simplicity and low cost are essential, these products can't be beat.  Available in tower and rackmount configurations from 250VA to 6000VA, these systems provide surge suppression and plenty of backup time, at a very affordable cost ......


Single Phase On-Line Products
We offer a complete selection of single phase on-line systems, in tower and rackmount configurations, for every application.  For unsurpassed protection, look no further .......


Modular, Scalable, and Redundant Systems !!
We are very excited about these products.  They offer growing companies with critical power needs the ability to "grow" their critical power system as their needs grow.  100% uptime is now achievable through the use of parallel and redundant systems with redundant, hot swappable battery configurations ..........


Single Phase Ferroresonant Products
We offer several single phase Ferroresonant systems, available in tower or rackmount configurations from 500VA to 18 KVA.  A time tested technology known for it's simplicity and reliability .......


Three Phase Products
Our complete line of three phase products serve the needs of larger companies with more diverse power problems.  We offer a wide selection of inverter technologies, in single or parallel/redundant configurations,  to satisfy virtually any requirement you may have ......... 


Communication and Connectivity
No power protection system is complete without a way to monitor it from wherever you may be.  Thanks to an explosion of new technologies, we now offer a complete line of communication and connectivity options for our systems.  From versatile P/C based monitoring software, to the incredible new SNMP adapters and dial out modems, a communication option is available for every application ........


Surge Suppression
Not all  power protection solutions involve a UPS.  Data lines, printers, modems  and non-critical equipment can be protected easily and inexpensively with our complete selection of surge suppression equipment ......


We offer a complete line of accessories and options for our systems.  Maintenance bypass switches, static switches, battery monitors, battery racks, disconnect switches and more ......
We offer a complete line of batteries from several manufacturers, including OEM replacement batteries, sealed AGM, VRLA and Gel type maintenance free batteries.  Most sizes and styles are available for immediate delivery.
Used Equipment
When price is a big factor, or when matching an existing system, check out our used equipment page.  All used systems are fully tested, with new batteries and a 90 day warranty unless otherwise noted .........





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